The option of being a property owner and managing a property / properties is highly cumbersome.


With our help you can Automate Your Property Management. We manage day-to-day Operations, Cleanings, Inspections, Lettings, Interiors, Possession Take Over Assistance manage reporting procedures, Customer Service and or any other issues related to your asset. Get started today.

Property Marketing

Property Marketing is a best tool to showcase your property on various platforms, so that prospective tenant(s) would get to know of all the features well in advance. This unique way of marketing would ensure easy and quick immediate leasing and reduce the vacancy cycle. Property owners who want to get higher return should hire professional property managers who can assist the owners in extensive marketing of their property. Property Marketing reflects a positive outlook of your property and attracts n number of prospective tenants. We use number of ways to market your property such as:

  • Professional photo shoot
  • Professional video
  • Luxury Mailers
  • Social Media Platform (Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube etc)
  • Brochure and Website
  • Our motto is to increase client’s return on investment by shortening the vacancy cycles.

Leasing Services


A professional property management company which provides consultancy services in real estate specializes in residential leasing and managing lease expiration and renewals. We also provide guidance in carrying out legal formalities such as preparing lease deed, registration of lease and other paper work. Our comprehensive approach:

  • Understanding of client’s requirement
  • Organizing primary site visit of 10 – 14 properties
  • Selection of particular property
  • Obtain detailed proposal from property owner
  • Organize meeting of tenant and owner
  • Lease negotiations
  • Approval of tenant upon the terms and conditions specified by owner
  • Drafting of final agreement
  • Acceptance and signing of agreement by both the parties

Why us?

  • Client satisfaction is prior to us. We ensure that no stone is left unturned which can shape your dreams into reality.
  • We continuously improve our methodology and work procedure to add value to our client’s decision.
  • We do not compromise on quality of services rendered irrespective of the deal value.
  • We map your requirements and provide customize solution through our experience and knowledge.
  • We believe in maintaining lifelong healthy relationships.

Rent Collection and Deposit

Rent collection has remained a tedious task until PropCare decided to ease the tension of follow up with the tenant by the landlord. But now landlords are receiving rent just at the completion of 30 days and experience says that now there is no need to follow up with tenant. As a service, we collect rent from the tenant and deposit directly into bank account of landlord the very same day.

  • Rent monitoring
  • Rental cheque collection from tenant
  • Keep scanned copy of cheque for future reference
  • After depositing the cheque in to landlord’s bank account, we send scanned copy of deposit slip to the landlord
  • We also pay the property tax on behalf of landlord
  • We send lease renewal reminder to landlord and tenant
  • Rent issues – Advance rent, escalation in rent, TDS deductions etc
  • Periodic checks of the property to resolve any issue faced by tenant
  • Handover or possession from existing lease.

Possession Assistance

It is easy to purchase a property but taking possession may be a bit difficult due to multiple legal formalities. Legal hassle may pull you back from investing in real estate. Generally, a buyer has a number of questions before buying property such as ‘Who will assist me in taking possession?’ or ‘If legal formalities can be completed through online web portal?’ Similar questions might be a stepping stone of your way.

Our possession assistance service will reduce hassles in taking possession from developer. This service is meant for people owning multiple assets or not staying in same city as asset. The procedure of taking possession is a long process and may interrupt your daily schedule and can cause loss to your business/job. If you are an NRI, then it may not be appropriate to keep aside work and run after the developer in India to take possession.

Our comprehensive approach:

  • We get details of the asset from owner.
  • We submit description of dues to owner which is to be paid to the developer.
  • Owner handover necessary documents to us required for executing the possession formalities.
  • Our possession assistance manager executes the formalities on owner’s behalf.
  • We then send the final possession papers after getting possession

Benefits of hiring possession assistance manager:

  • Round the clock service.
  • Experienced possession assistance professionals.
  • Accurate and detailed accounting report.
  • Detailed documentation of legal formalities.

If you are facing hassle in taking possession then you must contact us to change hassles into happiness. PropCare is the only destination for easing pressure of legal formalities.

Keys Property Management

In our experience, we have observed that often investors are discouraged to invest due to the hassles related to keys management, or who would take care of the property in the client’s absence or even who would be my single point of contact for any transaction or who would manage my apartment?

There are many more questions which coming to mind. These questions can mess up your life if not solved immediately. Often we hear news of illegal possession by tenants or by unknown persons. It is not surprising to say that unmonitored property is monitored by unknown persons, hence we always recommend that “It is not advisable to trust blindly if it’s the case of property.”

At PROPCARE we ensure that the keys of your house and happiness are secured with us. Whenever a person wishes to see and check the house, we plan and manage the visit accordingly, keeping you in loop. You need to just intimate us through email / Phone call / SMS. The complete visit schedule will be planned and delivered to you via an email within 24 hours. You can also get photos and videos of your property via on-demand service. Photos and videos will be provided to you within 48 hours.

Our back-end and functional support team adds value by simplifying your life. As the property owner, you can place request through email to get updates about your property and our support system will contact you within minutes of request submission.

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance & Repair involves a complete diagnosis and resolution of problems in a home. While there are regular minor issues which are taken care by tenants in the property there are major internal asset maintenance issues which are a huge stress to handle for the property owner.

Some of these maintenance issues can be plumbing, electrical, seepage , painting & pest issues and the list may go on an on. To ensure the issues are widely checked we do regular 200 point check inspections in the property on a periodic basis and ensure the repairs are brought to the property owner notice at the right time.

Starting from understanding the maintenance issue, hiring a profiled professional vendor and to further get smooth execution under the supervision of PropCare Operations we take care of all within a defined stipulated timeline.

Our Maintenance Approach

  • Detailed Regular periodic inspections at the property
  • Generation of Repairs & Maintenance Report detailing issues
  • Hiring of already profiled vendor to look at the issue and give possible solutions
  • Identification of the best solution
  • Confirmation of Repairs with payments
  • Supervision of the execution of repair with the profiled vendor
  • Submission of the Repair report to the property owner

Properties under professional PropCare management are kept professionally maintained & bug free hence bringing down repair costs for the Property Owner.

Tenancy Management

We perform a holistic role of managing a Residential Property Tenant which may include finding/evicting and generally dealing / coordinating with tenants as per property owner’s wishes.

The relationship we have with the landlord and with the tenant is significant & sensitive and hence we set the right expectations for both parties and ensure the properties are managed well.

Starting from collecting rents, doing chase ups for rentals, banking post dated cheques and pay necessary expenses and taxes along with making periodic reports to the owner for the tenant issues we do it all under tenancy management

Posession takeover from an existing tenant or it may be handing over the property to a new tenant all check in and check out activities are carried out with a specific property annexure being signed at all times.

We at PropCare stongly believe in ensure properties are kept in a perfect condition by the tenants of the properties under management. This significantly reduces the stress for the property owner along with bringing down costs.






Marketing + Lettings

  • Professional Mailers
  • Professional Pictures
  • Website Listings
  • Local Broker Engagement
  • Broker Exchange Listings
  • Corporate & Embassies Engagment
  • Marketing on Social Media Channels

Tenancy Management

  • Tenant Check In
  • Tenant Check Out
  • Tenant Due Diligence
  • Rental Chase up
  • Rental Escalation Notification

Property Maintenance

  • Property Maintenance
  • Utility Bills
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Regular Cleaning - 1 Time
  • Inspection - 1 Time
  • Owner Complaint
  • Tenant Complaints / Repairs

Value Add Services

  • References for Legal Help
  • References for Property Insurance
  • Lease Documentation Assistance
  • Portfolio Reporting


  • Services
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Comprehensive
  • Target
  • Ideal For Property
    Owners Who Just
    Want Basic
    Maintenance don’t
    Want To Lease The
  • Ideal For Property
    Owners Who Just
    Want Basic
    Maintenance And
    Leasing Assistance
  • Ideal For Property
    Owners Who Just
    Full Maintenance
    And Tenancy
  • Ideal For Property
    Owners Who Want
    Personalized Service
    With Complete
    Maintenance &
    Tenancy Management
  • Subscription
  • INR 25,000 per annum
    or 1.04 Rs/ft per month
    (whichever is higher)
  • INR 35,000 per annum
    or 1.45 Rs/ft per month
    (whichever is higher)
  • INR 45,000 per annum
    or 1.87 Rs/ft per month
    (whichever is higher)
  • INR 75,000 per annum
    or 3.12 Rs/ft per month
    (whichever is higher)
  • Possession Takeover
  • Property Title
  • Property Marketing
  • Key Management
  • Utility Bills
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Tenant Check In
  • Tenant Check Out
  • Personalized Online
  • Regular Cleanings
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 4
  • Inspection
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 4
  • Relationship Manager
    Personal Visits to Tenant
  • 4
  • Visit Management
  • 4 Times
  • 8 Times
  • 10 Times
  • Property Tax Payment
  • Tenant Due Diligence
  • Rental Chase up
  • Owner Complaints
  • Lease Registration
  • Lease Documentation
  • Assistance in Addition/
    Deletion of Name
    with Developer
  • Tenant Complaints/
    Repairs/ Issues
  • References for Legal
  • References for
    Property Insurance
  • Dedicated Property
    Relationship Manager

Please note - The property management subscription charges are excluding the rental service fee charged on the successful leasing of the property.


  • Services
  • Silver
  • Subscription Cost
  • INR 35,000
  • Tenant Check in
  • Tenant Check Out
  • Visit Management
  • 4 Times
  • Inspection
  • 1
  • Cleanings (Tenant Checkin/
    Checkout )
  • 2
  • Tenant Due Diligence
  • Owner Complaints
  • Rental Chase up
  • Lease Registration
  • Lease Documentation Assistance
  • Remarketing & Manangement
    of Vacant Property in Between Tenancies
  • Chasing Rental Arrerrs
  • Being the first point of contact for
    tenants and arranging owner
    related major repairs and maintenance
  • Portfolio reporting through our
    personalized online dashboard so
    you will have a clear overview of all
    aspects of your asset investment

Please note - The property management subscription charges are excluding the rental service fee charged on the successful leasing of the property.

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